Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breaking up

I finally did it. I broke up with the restaurant. After working with Rene for over a year trying to get her business going again, I finally had to stop. I researched, designed, cleaned, counted, fixed, cooked, waited, rung up, but I can't fix the real problem...the owner.

No amount of talking or lecturing has made any difference. No matter how much work I put in, it is undone by her. I feel bad. I wish I could fix all the problems. It's a good place, but it needs some serious reigning in. She knows what needs to be done to get her restaurant going again. I have told her many times that I cannot care about her business more than she does. That's why I can't work there any more. Until she makes the changes that we have talked about for the last year (that she has continually put off) I can't help. There is no point in continuing.

There's definitely some relief. I won't stop going. I'll be there for her to talk and bounce off ideas, but I'm not going to spend more of my time on her business. Especially when my own business needs it so bad.

In helping her, I have neglected my own business. I haven't finished the website that I should have finished months ago. I haven't been on top of the marketing like I used to be. Marketing is something that you do now and see the results in three to six months. Did I market myself properly December through March? No, and my lack of photo shoots now are very evident. I put myself in a bad position and now I really have to fix it. I sure don't want to end up in her position.

Mario and my goals are very important and a lot more urgent now. It's time for me to reach the business goals I set at the beginning of the year. So, I'm revisiting my goals and the schedule I laid out for myself. I'm back on the business wagon. All the energy that I put into someone else's business, is now going back into my own. If I crack the whip, I think I can be back on track by August.

I am also signing up with a temp agency. There are a few reasons behind this. The last thing I want to do is get a job. So, it's a bit of a bit of a punishment. I know you are thinking it seems counter intuitive. Part of what I need to relearn is how to use my time wisely. I won't put in nearly the amount of hours that I put in at the restaurant. I will work part time and then I get to leave it behind and be able to focus on my own work.

Second, I need to make money. I need new equipment and Mario and I really need to move. After a third incident with the neighbors, it's time to go. We would like to be able to stay another year and save up for a house, but it's not happening that way.

Third, is Murphy's law. The minute I have ever mentioned getting a part time job or leaving photography as a profession, the photo shoots roll in. I'm hoping this happens this time at well. If not, at least I'm making some extra money. Right?

I'm excited right now. I might not have had any control over the restaurant situation, but I certainly have control over my own situation. I have clear goals and am ready to get back on track!

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