Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Even though I have most of my planting finished, I've been thinking of expanding my little farm this year. I've added brussel sprouts, onions, cucumbers, and doubled the amount of tomato plants from last year. Yes, I'm feeling very positive! Mario has installed the promised drip system that he started last year. Woo hoo! I'm very excited! It's been working nicely. The plants are happy and I am also...cause I'm not so good at the watering part. I get better every year but, this will help when we are out of town and when I'm forgetful.

Anyway, I only have so many planters. So, I've been on the lookout for a couple of good sized planters. Most are the wrong size or price and then Mario wants them to match...we'll see if that happens.

So today I wanted to hit a couple of stores to check out some prices. We decided to try a long shot and visit the local thrift store. We wanted to pick up some games for the restaurant and see if there was any chance that there were some cheap planters there. Of course there weren't any planters. That kind of stuff never makes it past the curb. However, we scored some other cool unnecessary things. Yes, we remembered and found some cool games. But we also found a really nice coffee maker for Mars. It's one of those coffee makers that makes your coffee and stores it. Then you just press your cup to the spigot and it pours your cup. Unnecessary, sure. Cheap and a little nicer than what we have... absolutely! Then there is the completely unnecessary purchase of the day. We found a really nice fish tank. I know, I know. Totally unneeded. But I miss having fish and hello it was uber cheap!

When I met Mario, I had a fish tank. I loved my fishes! After many years of having my fish, the last little guy passed away. Needing the space, we decided to give the tank away and put in a book case. We've talked about getting fish ever since. We just couldn't justify giving up that space again. However, the thrift store provides! We now have a mini version of our old tank! It's only a 2.5 gallon tank. Small enough to fit onto our  big bookshelf perfectly. It's like it was made for it! Cute...yes. Absolutely completely unnecessary...undeniably.

We eventually made it to all the garden centers on my list. Yes, all the planters are pretty much priced out the same. I just need to buck up and buy one that fits best. I might consider checking other thrift shops, but I really don't need to come home with more unnecessary shit.

However, I did come home with something else I didn't expect. Lessons. I learned that the people who visit thrift shops during the week are hardcore. Stay out of their way! They look through that shit with speed and a discerning eye. I saw people walking around with some really nice things, that I'm sure they worked really hard to find. And after being pushed around a bit, I know not to mess with them. Also, I learned that when the thrift store workers take a break, they go sit on the couches and oogle the thrift store patrons. If you happen to be cute enough, they will even make kissy faces at you. Apparently I am cute enough.

Thrift stores = cheap unnecessary goods and nice for a good quick boost to the self esteem.

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