Monday, April 04, 2011

Going to Buffalo

This weekend was a productive and lazy one. For the most part I was in photo editing purgatory. My ass was on the couch all weekend, with my computer on my lap. Door wide open and a beautiful breeze blowing through. One of my favorite parts of spring. There were really only two things on my list of things to do this weekend, work on the images from my Thursday shoot and go grocery shopping.

To say that we were low on food is an understatement. Lucky for us, we got our veggie delivery on Friday. It kept us going until we got our butts to the store. We actually forgot it was coming until Mario tripped on the box walking out the front door. Except for those veggies, our house was empty. Even the cats only had one can of food left. We were out of toilet paper, toothpaste, condiments, and milk. How we ran out of everything at once, I'm not sure. However, when we got to last of the paper on the only remaining roll of toilet paper, I knew it was time to stop editing and start shopping.

We headed out to the local smart and final. Scored 99% of what we needed. However, as we pulled away, we realized we didn't get the most important food. We would face hell on earth if we didn't stop somewhere and pick some food up.

To solve the cat problem, we ended up stopping at Mario's favorite little market for cat food. It's a tiny store with the wickedest meat and deli counter....and an even better BBQ on the weekends. Mario used to basically live there when he worked across the street. I'm sure they miss him...and his daily lunch and dinner orders.

We walked in and first secured the cat food and decided to head to the back to see what they had cooking. Of course they recognized Mario and asked where he'd been. We checked out all of their stuff. I can't tell you how beautiful their meats are. While the chef showed off the cooked stuff, I checked out the steaks and other wondrous meats in the case. Then out of the corner of my ear, I heard him say buffalo ribs. Um, yes please. Spicy sauce coating some pork ribs. So, we ordered a few. Good thing I had been so good for my other two meals, cause dinner is gonna be down and dirty!

As he wrapped up the ribs, I continued looking around. Ooh look at that roast. Oh wow they sell buffalo steaks here...interesting. Might skip that. Oh look at the thick cut bacon and salami! So much stuff I missed out on when I didn't eat meat. So much to make up for! Mario finished up with his BFF and we checked out  and headed home.

We unloaded our groceries and absolutely attacked the ribs! Now, it wasn't until I was half way through with my first rib that it occurred to me that my rib was not spicy at all. Why are my buffalo ribs not spicy? Hey wait a minute...Oh! These are actual buffalo ribs! No wonder they looked a little different and tasted a little gamy. Oh they were good, but just not the spicy buffalo ribs I was expecting. I felt a little more like a doofus when it occurred to me that I actually looked at the buffalo steaks and still it hadn't occurred to me even then, that these were not spicy buffalo sauce pork ribs. Bone head!

I do approve though. They were very good. I like them better than beef ribs actually. Bob absolutely approved. The cat who does not eat out of our hand, was attacking me for that buffalo meat. It occurred to me that this is not even something he would have encountered in the wild by any means. However, now that he's gotten that sweet taste of buffalo, I think he's addicted. I can just picture Bob trying to take out a buffalo. He doesn't have any sly stalking moves or any real hunting skills at all...but he sure can kill a bathroom rug like nobody's business.

The last of the weekend faded blissfully away. Bellies full and me back in editing hell. I miss winter already but  but can not get enough of that evening spring breeze!

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