Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We didn't have a scale in our house. Maybe that's part of our problem around here. No scale and the weight is easy to ignore, right? Well, today, we finally finally received the scale we ordered online.

Mario and I have been on our little diet/calorie watch for about three weeks or so. We've been good and bad and we have learned. We have one cheat day a week, but we don't go crazy. Most of all we just try to keep in check. It's so interesting so see how many calories are in the food we eat every day. Mario was amazed to learn that one glass of lingonberry juice at Ikea, that he loves so much, is actually 300 calories. That was a real eye opener. Otherwise, we've really not been too bad. We've made sure we have our shit load of veggie soup and salad in the fridge to munch on when we are hungry. So, far we haven't starved or deprived.

So, anyway, with the arrival on our new scale, we were excited. I had an estimate of what I weighed in my head. I know what I was weighing in at the gym at the beginning of last summer. Although, I am sure I gained some weight since then. Thank you holidays.

Mario wasn't home when the scale arrived, so I tore open the box and hopped on. All of a sudden I heard a  "Hello". I jumped. This scale talks. This scale has a lady voice. I'll be pissed if this bitch makes fun of me. But then apparently she prepared herself for the impending doom of me stepping on and very pleasantly said "I'm ready". Uh, ok. I stepped on and she was quiet. I killed her. Then she told me my magical number. Ten pounds down from the number in my head!!! I've probably lost a little more though because, I know I had gained some weight over the summer. Still! I'll take ten pounds!

Now here's the question. If I didn't actually weigh myself when we started this fun adventure, do I still get credit for the supposed ten pound weight loss? Can I really claim it? It could be more. It could be less(although I highly doubt it. I had totally chubbed up more). I would love to claim more but since I was set on this number, I'm sticking to it. What do ya think?

Mario on the other hand was about 20 pounds less than what I thought he'd be. He swears that when he stepped on the scale she said "Oh - My - God!"...I didn't hear it. I do think he's totally loosing weight though. His face is a bit thinner, his legs are thinner, and his belly is getting jiggly. Yes like Santa. His tummy used to be pretty firm. Most of the time, one would want a firm tummy. However, I read that this is totally normal. When you loose weight, your body starts burning stored fat. But it goes after the intramuscular fat first. That's the fat marbled inside the muscles. That intramuscular fat is like the anchor to the outside fat. So without the anchor, the rest of the fat gets jigglier and wigglier and loosens up. So it's a good thing. Next the body will start burning that outer stored fat. Make sense? I hate to say it but I hope I'm getting jigglier too.

Anyway, the scale came at the perfect time. I think we really needed to see a number and not just feel like we're loosing weight. Now we really have a number to start from. It gave us a nice little boost. And I think I officially just decided that I'm totally claiming the ten pounds! Yes. I have lost ten pounds this month! There I said it!

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  1. I was saying while reading that 5 paragraph "HELL YES take that ten pounds, woman are you nuts"
    I've had a scale since the beginning and I'm only down 6. :P

    Seriously though I can see the difference in both of you. Did you take any before pictures? you can always take new ones at the one month mark and compare. :)


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