Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogging ADD

1. I have been taking advantage of google maps. I punch in a city I've been to, click it over to the hybrid map, and then cruise around and try to figure out where I went and hung out when I was there. I know it's geeky, but it really does take me back and brings back the memories. I've been dying to travel...pretty much since I got back. With google I can go visit my cousin's house in Germany. I can't believe there is an actual photo of my family's house online. Then I cruise around the area and look at the places we went. The river we took the dog for a walk by. The train stations we spent time at. These little mini trips seem to be keeping me happy for now. My sister has been stressing out so I sent her links to two places on there and told her to take a mini vacation.

2. While I've been taking my mini mental vacations, I've starting compiling a list of foreign cities that my sister and I have had a fight in. Starting at 12 years old in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Little jerk wouldn't let me have the shampoo. Ok, it was because after Chernobyl the water in Saint Petersburg looked like antifreeze. She thought I would die if I took a bath. I know, it's so loving of her...but I needed a shower. We have since had fights in London, Vienna, Beitigheim, Rome, Paris...I'm still compiling the list.

3. It's pretty funny when Mario laughs in his sleep. It's even funnier when he wakes himself up by laughing in his sleep and gets embarrassed.

4. I have found myself at the hardware store the last two days. I needed to buy a piece of Masonite for a project. The next day I needed some cuts made to it. This really awesome worker did all the cutting for me by hand for free. He totally looks like and has similar mannerisms as my sister's boyfriend, Tim. Except that this dude is like a petite mini version of Tim. So I've been calling him Pocket Tim. Now, if I could only find a Pocket Lindsay for little Pocket Tim.

5. I received an email today from my mother with the subject "My thoughts on Sex"...I haven't decided if I want to read it or not.

6. I really need to learn to go to bed when I initially feel tired. That was at 10pm tonight. Because when I don't take that opportunity, I get my second wind. Then I find it's 2am and I'm writing a blog out.

7. This is the second time I've written this blog. I got about half way through writing this earlier and decided that I liked the previous version of the sentence. So I hit the Ctrl + Z. Instead of giving me the previous sentence, it erased the entire sentence. Then I hit it again to see if it would put the sentence back. Nope. It erased the entire paragraph. So I hit it again. It deleted the entire blog post. It's like I couldn't help myself. So I quickly closed the blog post window, hoping it hadn't saved yet. Nope again. It was a completely empty blog. I really hate when I do stupid things like that.

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