Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleeping Baby

It was 2am, I had a shoot the next day and I was futzing around with my tripod settings. I've been having problems with my tours matching up...which equals a lot of restitching and a lot of wasted time. With my shoot the next day, I was determined not to do more work than was needed. This meant going over the measurements and settings on my camera and tripod. I had tried a few things that came to mind and decided to test.

Mario is on such a tough work schedule right now that when he's not working...he's passed out. I don't blame him at all. I also realized after I took this that I barely notice him passed out. It didn't occur to me that he was sitting there sleeping in the chair. It's not like I didn't see him there. But I'm so used to it that when I saw it in the photo, I realized how funny it really was.

My poor guy...

PS...don't even look at my messy house people!

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  1. This almost makes your living room look big ;O)


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