Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There is nothing sexier than big leg holes

There ain't nothin I love better than some new cute panties! And every time I reach into my undie drawer for a pair of panties in the morning, I'm reminded of how much I am in need of those new panties. I'm down to the not quite right panties. The panties that are not quite comfy, have scratchy fabric, or are just built weird. You know, the panties that you wear when all your other panties are dirty. You wear them even after your old holey undies are dirty.

The only problem is that I'm down to only the uncomfy undies. The old holey ones have long since been tossed out. I am now left with some very cute panties, but holy hell they are not comfy at all! I want to tear them off the minute I walk in the house. Going commando is looking better and better.

Well, a few weeks back I decided to remedy this problem of mine. I happened to be at a discount store and decided to take a look at their packages of undies. Now normally I go to the big girl store for undies. They provide a number of very cute and sexy panties for the bigger tushes and hooters. The only problem...e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e! It's ridiculous how expensive it is. This discount store is priced far better than my big girl store. So, why not take a look. There was a chance that they wouldn't have my size though... so I was prepared for this.

Lucky for me, the planets aligned and low and behold, my size undies in my price range were sitting on the shelf. I was a little excited. Here's the problem I was having though. I'm guessing by the options on the shelf, that big girls only like to wear huge pairs of undies that cover them from the leg up to their boobs. Cause they mostly had huge briefs and a a few pairs of other styles...not in my size. They had the big briefs, hipsters, high cut briefs, and bikini.

I was liking the bikini and the hipster panties...however, there were absolutely none in my size. There were tons and tons of the big briefs and almost nothing else. I searched through every package they had and finally....finally found a pair of the high cut briefs. I was skeptical. I haven't bought these before. I had no idea how they were going to fit on me. However, judging by the photo, they should fit reasonably well and at least they weren't the big briefs.

Wrong! I now own three pairs of panties that cover from my crotch to over my belly button. The undies are tight around the waste and loose every where else with big leg holes. I'll admit they are fairly comfy...because they so loose and flowy. Loose and flowy isn't quite what I'm looking for in my undies though. It feels like a lot of fabric under a skirt. Not to mention the fact that the undies come up three to four inches over the waistband of my skirts. It's slightly annoying...and a little embarrassing. I'm not really liking Mario seeing me in them. They aren't quite the sexy time panties I want him to see me in. They are more like big mama has given up on looking sexy for her man and likes big flowy leg holes.

Despite all of my complaints, they still come in a fraction higher on the list of undies than the not quite right panties. So, I wear them. I just make sure that Mario's exposure to these big mama panties is limited. Very limited. I'm sure I'll be wearing the regular big mama briefs in the next ten years...I just don't want to turn him off just yet.

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