Monday, August 30, 2010

My best asset and my biggest downfall

We're getting ready to head up north on Friday for a wedding on Saturday. For once in my life, I haven't spent from the minute I got the invitation until now, stressing out about what I'll be wearing. I just happened to eye a very cute dress a month and a half back and bought that bitch up. It's perfect for work and perfect for the wedding. Cute black dress, plunging neckline with a cute little ruffle along it. I'll be honest it's taken all I have, not to have worn it to every shoot I have.

The only thing I have been wondering about was what I should wear with it. Shoes...check. Earrings...depends on the necklace. Necklace...this is what I have spent my last few days stressing out about.

I decided not too long ago that it was time to add necklaces into my wardrobe. The only problem is that I get the tiniest bit claustrophobic. Not a huge amount. However, things around my neck get to me. I have a hard time wearing scarves for this same reason. I have learned to wear scarves in the last few's now time to work on the necklaces. Right now seems to be the perfect time to start working on this. Do you know what makes this the perfect time? Beautiful long layered necklaces. I love them, plus it's so loose around the neck.

So, I have had my eye on some necklaces at Urban Outfitters. I've tried them all on multiple times. I've taken photos of me in them, trying to decide what will work with my cute dress. Last week, after showing the photos to multiple people and asking opinions, I finally purchased the necklace that I had my eye on. I actually bought a couple...the second one was on sale ok?!

I got home. Put the correct bra on. Tried on my my dress. Put my necklace on and ran into this...

The necklace gets lost in the cleavage! I'm upset. I had my heart set on this I need other options. So I went through my very small choice in necklaces

Other necklace I bought because it was on sale but had no intention of wearing with the dress...

This one is ok but just doesn't have the pizzaz that I want. It's just not bright enough for me...however is displays the rack nicely. The third choice is a necklace I've had for a while, but don't wear because it's short and heavy...hello claustrophobia. Also, I feel like it brings attention to that second chin hanging off my face...

Or maybe it's just a bad angle. Either way it just doesn't seem to fit with the dress. So option four is just a big pair of earrings...

Then I can wrap option #1 around my wrist list a fun bracelet. 

I like this option, but Mario seems to think that I do need a necklace to detract from the boobies. Cause they are on display. I actually might have to sew that cleavage up a bit for work...the boobies might not be so appropriate during work hours. Unless I want to start working for Hooters...but I just don't think that I'll look good in those shorts and pantyhose.

What do you think...should I just keep looking? Or just deal with what I have?

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