Friday, February 05, 2010


I've finished the hard and most time consuming part of the virtual tours...and now I'm stalling. Knowing that I am so close to being finished, you'd think I'd hurry and finish it up. Instead I am tooling around on facebook and wasting time. Dumb shit. I can have this finished up today and have a free weekend. There's no hope for me.

Anyway, I learned something about myself while I was sick. Cold medicine has the same effect on me as alcohol. I turn into a love fest. Not like that. I fall in love with television shows. Last year when I was sick, I fell in love with Two and a Half Men. Not my proudest moment, but there is a certain comfort in a cheesy non reality series when your sick.

We turned off our cable a few months back and turned on the Netflix. With the instant play on Netflix, I have access to some a whole ton of television shows that I would never have access to on cable.

I just finished watching "Dead Like Me" a show canceled a few years ago. A young woman dies by being hit in the head with a toilet seat from a space station and ends up being a grim reaper. Sounds horrible, I know but all I can say is cold medicine. Although, I hate the thought that I'll never be able to see it ever again.

I've also had access to some Australian and English shows, I wouldn't have seen on our stations. I'm currently addicted to an Australian show called "McLeod's Daughters" A couple of women inherit their father's farm. They run it while dealing with trials and tribulations, all set to really bad music. I'm working my way through season two with six more seasons to go through.

My other love is an English show from the 90s called "Vicar of Dibley". A new feisty female vicar some to the town of Dibley and turns things upside down. This is one of those comforty shows. Somehow it reminds me of my childhood. I haven't figured out if my mother watched it when I was young. Either way I love it now. There are only a few seasons of this goodie, so I'm watching it very slowly and savoring it.

The only problem now is that Netflix now thinks I only watch television shows with strong female leads. I'm all for womens lib, but sometimes I love a man to take the lead.

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