Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mario is out of a job

Last week Mario and I ended up at Best Buy with a friend. Best Buy is totally Mario's man store. Best Buy totally equals my love for Target. Where I can walk up and down the isles of Target for hours looking at home goods, clothes and nail polish. Mario can spend hours looking at tvs, stereo systems and Kung Fu really is upsetting how much time he can spend looking at Kung Fu movies.

He only needed to check one thing, but knowing his history with the Kung Fu, Colleen and I headed to the surround sound area to sit on the big leather couch they have. Colleen had pulled out the knitting and I had curled up on the couch for a warm winter nap...when we got a text message. "come to appliances". I immediately knew he was checking out the dishwashers. We had been talking about either adding in a butcher block or a portable dishwasher in the kitchen, so we could have some more counter space. I didn't think any of this would happen any time soon really. I was just happy we had a decent kitchen at this point. A new dishwasher would put it way over the top. However, Mario is the primary dishwasher in our house, so of course this was going to happen.

Colleen and I headed over to appliances. Mario was no where to be found. However, front and center was a portable dishwasher on clearance with a big dent in the side. I was kinda thanks. Do we really need to spend this money so soon after christmas? And by the way, where the hell is Mario? The man had disappeared. Turned out the man had sent the message from the bathroom...classy. I really don't know if it was really nature calling or if he wanted me and the dishwasher to get to know each other first.

He asked if they would take another $50 bucks off the price and next thing I know we are wheeling this dishwasher out to our truck. We are now the proud owners of a new dishwasher. Stopped on the way home to pick up some dish washing liquid, rolled her in the house, popped out that mean dent, and filled up the washer with all the dishes we could dirty. We rolled her over to the sink and realized that we didn't have the attachment that attaches it to the faucet. Not a problem. We'll get it tomorrow night. Well, tomorrow rolls around and we stop at the local hardware store. We pick up the last universal faucet attachment, walk up to pay for it, and it's not in the system. We call the man up to price check it and turns out all of the universal attachments have been recalled. Too much lead. They're not going to start making them again until March. What! Are you kidding me!

Well, we were going to use that dishwasher if it killed us! I started thinking. We were headed to Mario's mom's for dinner. Hadn't she just gotten a new universal faucet thingy? Maybe she had kept the old one and we could use it. Although there was the whole too much lead thing, we couldn't prove that was one of the bad ones(sure). As soon as march rolls around, we'll replace both attachments. Sure enough, Isabella had the old attachment. We took that baby home, attached it up, and it didn't fit.

I got online to find out what exactly I needed. Turns out it was supposed to have come with it's own piece. So I went back to Best Buy to see if they would by some tiny chance have that piece laying around waiting for me to pick it up. No. But they did order it for me. Should be here in another week...hopefully.

We have so far refused to unload the dishwasher. Luckily for me, I'm a little OCD and had given everything a really good rinse before loading the dishwasher, so nothing smells or is nasty. But we are living on a lower than normal amount of dishes and only a couple utensils. We could wash more but, we're out of dish soap.

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