Monday, December 07, 2009


I have officially emailed out the last of the photos from that big client I photographed for in October! I am so f'ing happy! I can't believe I have been working on this project 7 days a week! I can finally take more than a few hours a day to myself. I can actually go hang out with friends and not feel guilty! I can actually take a whole day off and do...nothing. Now the question is, how long after I send them the last of the photos before I send out the invoice? right back.

I'm so happy that I can actually live my life a little now. I can clean our apartment, get christmas shit ready, and attack my husband. We've both been so busy that we haven't even had time for a little sexy time. The most action I've gotten was the other morning when the cat crawled under the covers and licked my thigh. 5am I started screaming "NO LICKING, NO LICKING, NO LICKING!!!" Mario sat straight up in bed, eyes wide open, staring at me. "Sorry honey, the cat was licking my thigh a little too close the other kitty." He started laughing and then of course rolled back over and went back to sleep...jerk.

Luckily Mario has finally gotten caught up at work also. A few weeks ago he lost a weeks worth of storyboards he worked so hard on for the new show he's on. After working day and night, he's replaced that lost week's worth of storyboards and the work he's supposed to have been working on. So now that he's back on normal hours, that man better be prepared to put out.

Gotta run...I think I heard his car pull up.

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