Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another Post!

Yeah twice this week! Other than this little blog post, I've been up to no good. It was so hard not to pull out the laptop and work today. Ok not that hard, cause I didn't. I only turned this bitch on to email out an invoice and post a quick blog.

I just got a request from my client to send them an invoice...my favorite request from a client so far! Just mailed it off and now...now I just wait for the check to arrive.

I did start decorating, started cleaning my desk off, started putting laundry away, and started other things, but haven't really finished anything. I figure that's ok for today. Tomorrow my list of shit to do is out of control. At least I started a bunch of it...to bad I didn't finish any of it.

Some where along the line I decided to it would be very good to send out holiday cards to clients. I might even send a little gift along...ok I might be too cheap for that. This is in addition to making the time to take some photos of Mario and I. I also brought up to my MIL that it might be nice to send a family portrait out to the family with cards...we are going to have time to do this when?

I know all this list making and crazy ideas are coming from having felt so bogged down by all that editing. So much so that I'm going crazy with the freedom to do other things. I'll probably end up over doing it and burning out. In the mean time, I'm in the most nauseatingly euphoric mood. I'm that idiot walking around with that stupid little bounce in my step and singing happy cheerful songs. It's not the Christmas season doing this, it's the end of the seemingly endless job! Goddamn it I'm happy! Now, feel free to take bets on how long this lasts and how long it take reality to hit and I realize all the shit I've volunteered myself for.

I give it a week.

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  1. I'm going to go with Sunday at 5:37pm. Not sure how I ended up with this timeline but hey it sounds good!


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