Thursday, May 21, 2009


For Christmas I got a cute little bag of pomegranate flavored Philosophy goodies from Angela. The lip gloss is in my purse. The face scrub has all been used (why is it ok for those little beads to be in a face scrub but not in the body soap?). The body lotion has been sitting in a little basket in the bathroom. I'm more of a traditional lotion girl. I tend not to have a lot of smelly lotions about, because they make me sneeze and/or obsess about the scent(not sure why).

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting on the crapper and noticed that bottle of lotion in the basket. So I reached over thinking that the pomegranate smell would be nice. I was surprised to see yellow lotion...bright yellow with sparkles. I checked out the bottle again and saw that it was shimmer body lotion. I started applying the lotion to my arms. Ok it's not so bad, it added a nice warm glow. As soon as I was finished in the bathroom, we'd be heading out to Target. So I figured my legs could use a little lotion also. The sparkle would warm up the look of my winter legs. Then applied a little to my face.

Finishing business on the crapper, I headed over to the sink and closer to the light. I guess I was a little heavy on the lotion, my hands were yellow. I did a quick hand wash and they were back to normal.

Just before I headed out I took a quick look in the mirror. I looked completely jaundiced! That shit should obviously be used in moderation!

Hey not only do I look jaundiced, I look like I smeared Vaseline all over my face...that is some shiny lotion! I just lightened the photo up in photoshop but I didn't make any other adjustments to it to make it look more yellow. That's natural yellow baby...ask Mario! I think I look like one of those distorted big doe eye dog photos that you see around.

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  1. Finally, someone else who multitasks on the shitter.

    You look like an oriental.


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