Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kreg...where have you been all my life!

Im pretty excited. Because I bragged about my fritatta, we decided I
needed to make it again. So Colleen and I planned a little brunch in
the park. I set everything up tonight, packed what I could, chilled
some champagne. What's a brunch without mimosas! Its sure as shit's
not a brunch!

So anyway, I'm all set and am now laying in bed. I'm all relaxed, but
can't go to sleep yet... I've been sucked into an infomercial. It's
called the Kreg corner or joiner or something dumb like that. Needless
to say I have to have it! It's for building wood shit. It makes
building tables, bookshelves, chairs, and picture frames easy. It's a
corner joining system. I know I don't do wood working, but think of
all the money I could save if I had this Kreg corner thing. Hey, I did
rock woodshop in junior high!

I know, I just mastered the fritatta. I'll stick to that for now. Who
knows though, there couldbe woodworking in my future...for only $99.99!

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