Monday, March 30, 2009

The thing I love about living in this small apartment is hearing all the crap that goes on around us. The thing I hate the most about living in this small apartment is hearing all the crap that goes on around us.

I kinda enjoy listening to my neighbors argue. Mario thinks I'm evil. I just figure if you are going to argue that loud and put it out there...I might as well enjoy it.

We have some neighbors just across from us that are just obnoxious. They are young and love to fight. I half laugh because he and his woman don't talk, they yell about everything. "Bitch don't throw my cell phone!" "Fucker you threw my cell phone first!" They really are like 5 year olds fighting and cussing.

They are also friends with some people across the street. Instead of calling them on the phone or walking over to say hi, they scream at each other. I hear "Hey fool, get your fucking ass over here!"...a lot.

Unfortunately these people have reproduced. The kid is cute, but I feel so bad for him. I listen to his mother and father yell at him all the time. When he cries, I hear "Shut the Fuck up!" "Shut Up!". When he does something they don't like, they call him stupid.

Tonight I got fed up with hearing them tell their son to shut the fuck up. I'm sitting here with all the doors open and I turned around and yelled "shut up!" It quieted down for a little. Then started up again. So I yelled "oh my god, just shut up" I know I've stooped to his level. I should have just gone and talked to them. However, I know that they don't even talk to each other, they aren't going to just listen to a neighbor criticizing their parenting skills.

So now I am listening to him mock me. He's yelling "OMG!" and "Shut up". Pretty dumb, however, I have gotten something from this...his wife is now yelling at him to shut up and they're arguing about him being obnoxious.

Now here's my question. I don't' want to be one of those neighbors that sits and listen to a child be verbally abused. Every time I hear them yell at their baby to "shut the fuck up" I wonder if I should be calling on them. When is it appropriate to call child protection services? I certainly don't want to have the baby taken away from the people he loves. However, it's so hard to listen to these people yell at a baby who can't even talk yet. Am I being to sensitive?

PS I just realized this weekend that they are expecting another baby.


  1. Oh my!! I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I would probably call somebody and talk to them about the situation. I couldn't let that kind of treatment to a small kid go on.

  2. It's a cultural thing, but if they're loud and annoying, the only thing you can do is call the cops. We used to do it all the time when we lived in a condo building.

    Also, in the same building, a colleague of my husband's lived right below us. They were always screaming at each other and he always had a phrase, "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!!"

  3. I think that this family needs a little intervention for their children's sake. I would definitely call and if anything just talk to someone about the situation. Child services is not always the "rip em out of their home and put in foster care" type. Alot of times Social Workers want to rectify situations at home. There are a lot of programs they can get this young family into to help with coping and raising children and possibly anger management classes.


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