Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Today the Laziest Day of Them All!

And I blame the Superbowl!

First, we spent the weekend cleaning, preparing and cooking instead of relaxing and being lazy. Then there's all of the left-over food. Thankfully, Colleen's husband killed off most of the ribs and part of the tri-tip for us, with the help of Rob. So there wasn't much left. However, there seems to be a lot of chili left...where it all came from I don't know but, a girl can only eat so much chili. I'm throwing the rest of the chili out though, because Mario sure as hell doesn't need any more chili either! Then there is half a ton of couscous left, but that's not so bad at least it's got all kinds of veggies in it. What's really getting to me is the diet coke. We haven't been buying soda lately and haven't really even had any in the house for a while now. So, with all this left over soda, I'm on soda overload. I feel bloated and tired, between the chili and soda. It's pretty gross. Mario's feeling it too. We've both been chugging water all evening and the normalcy is starting to come back.

Despite the crappy lazy feeling, I did get some things done today. Amazing! I wasn't sure anything would get done by me at all. However, tomorrow I have a whole lot more shit to do. I'm actually pretty excited. The photography for Big Bear was canceled for tomorrow(I know I shouldn't be that excited) and it's expected to rain for the next few days. So I'll just take the next few days for clean up and getting lots of shit done. I have a whole bunch of sales tax, business taxes, and income tax waiting for me. Woo hoo!

We all know that means that I'll be blogging and trying to avoid it really....ehhh. Someone distract me!

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  1. freeze the chili! it'll stay good... i eat over brown rice with avocados, tomatoes, onions & cheddar cheese.

    soda, on the other hand, is just plain gross. i never understood why people liked it so much. i drink ginger ale when nauseous, but even after bouts of nausea, i don't want to have anything to do with the one thing that'll settle my stomach due to all that sugar.

    have a great lazy weekend!


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