Tuesday, February 03, 2009

4 and 4

I stole this from another blog. There really is no purpose, beside curiosity. You are supposed to post the fourth photo from the fourth folder in you photo folder. Here we go...

My 4runner looks so tiny compared to all the other cars

The year before last, my family came down for my birthday weekend. The day my mom was set to leave, we decided to drive by this coffee shop where a couple of my photos were being shown. On the way there, a lady decided to make a left turn into my car. Man it sucked. The lady was a little nutty. She was sitting in her car talking on the phone before, during, and after the accident. I actually went up to her car to make sure she was ok, because she was just sitting there for so long. I guess she wanted to finish her conversation on the phone. She refused to even acknowledge me. She'd only talk to the firemen. When the ambulance came her blood pressure was very low, they were trying to take her to the hospital. She kept telling them it was normal. They were telling her it was impossible for someone's blood pressure to be that low after an accident and they couldn't imagine what it is like on a regular day.

Anyway, she ruined a good couple of months for me. Between the car rental company telling me they were reporting the car I was driving as stolen...because they couldn't figure out their paper work. Can I point out they did call me to tell me. So they did actually have information that I was renting their car. I was trying to get her company to realize that she was at fault and not me. I was going straight on a green. She was coming from the opposite direction and made a left turn on an unprotected green. I lucked out because I had another photographer in the car. He jumped out and took a bunch of photos for me. They had a problem disputing anything after they saw the photos.

I think it took well over 6 months to get this accident cleared all up. Between my insurance, her insurance and the rental company, it was a pain in the ass.

I kinda liked this. I should pull random photos and do this again.

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  1. Some people are so stupid. I mean, I drive like a drunk, but at least I admit it. The one time I nicked a woman's car by accident and didn't even realize it, I fessed up immediately. I felt terrible for making her late for work and even considered sending her a gift card for the inconvenience. I didn't though. I guess that's what makes me a shitty person and driver.


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