Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Such a Pain

It's such a pain in the ass when your trying to work and you start getting an optical aura. So, I'm slowly going to start loosing my eyesite for a while...or at least it will get blurry and wiggly and then all of a sudden it will go away and a migraine will be there. I was having such a nice productive day too! I went ahead and took my migraine medicine and now I'll just sit and wait for it to happen. Of course, I had a shoot today and am trying to work on the photos...I can't get shit done if I can't see! Pain in the ass headache!

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  1. I feel for you girl, I really do. I spent yesterday on the couch with pillows over my head. I couldn't stand to open my eyes as light would send shooting pain across my temples and eyes.

    Is it something in the air?


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