Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cha cha changes

Mario and I have decided to stay in our little apartment for a while longer to save money. I'll definitely still keep my eye out for an awesome apartment that can't be passed up, but in the mean time we'll stay put. So, we've been mulling over what needs to be done to this little place to make it a better fit for us. Luckily we have a cool landlord that lets us paint and adjust things. So of course when we first moved in, we painted all the rooms. That being said, I hate our bedroom color. Pretty much as soon as we finished painting, I was questioning it. It's a very dull chocolate milk color. Normally I would like a beige color, but it's just not right. Plus we just never finished putting the bedroom together, so I've just not been happy with it. So finally we're going to repaint the bedroom....CAN NOT WAIT! I'm trying to talk mario into a crazy color. Although I haven't totally decided yet. Some where in the green or blue family for sure. Next we want to sell our dresser and night stands and get two taller dressers for each side of the bed. It would create more storage but there would be less furnature in the room.

To start getting things going, I measured and photographed some things that we can sell. The dresser and night stands, and our big portable air conditioner that just takes up too much space. I posted everything on craigslist and waited. I wouldn't have thought, but I got calls and emails immediately for the air conditioner. I was a little surprised. So I called the first person and set up an appointment for 4:30 the next day.

4:30 comes around we were waiting. Then 5 rolls aroiund and we're still waiting. Then the guy calls and says that he's finally leaving to come pick it up. Even though we've already discussed and agreed on a price, now he's decided to try to get the price down some more. No sir. 6pm rolls around and we are waiting for him to show. We have plans for dinner with friends as soon as this guy shows. 7pm rolls around and we have now invited 3 more poeple to dinner and are waiting to see if they show up first or the looser who wants the air conditioner. 7:30 comes and I start calling this guy wondering where the crap he is. He finally calls back and decides he wants to pay less that what we agreed on. I tell him no. So he says he's finally leaving. 8 pm and he's still not here. By this time there are 6 hungry people sitting around. I call him and he tells me that he can leave right then. No thanks I tell him. We're leaving for dinner. He can pick it up the next day if he really wants it. We finally got to the restaurant a half hour before the kitchen closed...what a jerk.

So he called me this morning and said he could stop by today sometime. He says "I just want to check that you'll be around all day today and I'll try to stop by some time" Are you kidding me! I told him that I wouldn't be around today and that he could tell me a time that he'd like to stop by and I'll be here then. Of course last night everyone decided that this guy was bad news and that I needed protection in case this guy was a nut job. Mario was meeting a friend today, so I called in the second husband, Tadao, to come over and meet this guy with me. An hour after our meet time, he finally shows up. That man searched high and low for some mark on this air conditioner, so that I would drop the price. That shit was clean though. So he decides that I should drop the price because he had to drive so far. Come on. You decided to drive out here yourself. Not only that but we have waited around for you for 5 hours! You should be paying me more!

What is it with people on craigslist!?


  1. Craigslist and I have a love/hate relationship. While good deals are to be found, I think it finds more of the whack jobs than anything!!

  2. This is why I don't use craigslist. People suck.


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