Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Before I met Mario, I had no idea that I liked men with beards. Turns out Mario can grow a wicked beard...I really like it. So much so that when Mario wanted to shave before the wedding...I told him he couldn't. I wanted the beard in the wedding photos (I know, I'm weird)

Once every three months or so Mario shaves his beard. For some reason for the last month he's been wanting shaving it off, but somehow I've talked him out of it for now. I know shaving was long overdue. But when the beard is gone...he looks like Ben Franklin. So the deal was that he would get a hair cut if he shaved it. His hair gets pretty long quickly and I think the beard helps even it out....making it less Franklin-like

However, I couldn't stop him this time. He knew I was on the phone and he made his move. Jerk. It's ok, I'll live. His beard was getting a pretty 'fro like.

So meet Ben Franklin...

I get my smooth faced husband for about a day. Then it gets all stubbly. Of course this is when he likes to sleep with his head on my back. That stubble is like a million tiny daggers in my back!

At least in a week I'll have my bearded husband back.

PS...who has a job where you have to watch "The Family Guy" as research for a job? Mario that's who. He's testing for the show and has to watch some of the shows to get the feel...right


  1. I dunno, I don't think either one matters. It's all in the eyes. He's got really kind eyes.

  2. Don't fall for the kind eyes...there's dirty thoughts behind them eyes


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