Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Things About Me

Ok This has been going around Facebook a million times over. So why not use it as a post also!

1. I love tomatoes...really love. Mario gets mad at me because if we buy tomatoes, they are gone within 24 hours and he doesn't get to use them for what he bought them for.

2. I really enjoy doing laundry but don't like putting them away

3. My husband is my best friend, makes me laugh all the time, and I love him more and more he puts the laundry away...didn't know I'd get so lucky.

4. There is a ghost in my bathroom

5. I inherited an addiction to chapstick from my father. I have three sticks within reach of me right now. My sister(also inherited this addiction) made me a "wedding cake" out of chapstick tubes all glued was very sweet

6. I love watching shows like "ghost hunters" and "I survived" even though they scare the shit out of me. Then I make Mario turn on all the lights for me around the house.

7. I'm addicted to "Lost" but really don't know's a ridiculous show.

8. I'm a klutz. I'm sure many people have stories about me. The last time I fell was a few weeks ago in Target. Went to sit down and went ass over head backwards out of the chair...laughed my but off laying on the floor.

9.I love my job...I never thought I could make a living at photography. I've never been a real go getter. That changed when I started my own business and realized the only way I get work is if I go get it myself. Now I have a job I love and get to be proud of myself at the same time

10. I have eye lid shampoo. My optometrist told me I'd need it and I fell over laughing. Then realized he was serious.

11. When I decided to travel for 4 months, I put everything I owned in storage. Only to come back and find out that someone had broken in and stolen half of my things. The thing I miss the most is the old box of family negatives that my grandmother let me have. I feel very guilty that I didn't take care of that like I should have.

12. I named one of my cats Dexter. People think I named him after the television show. I actually named him after Martin Luther King Jr.'s son. I met him in a restaurant. He was the nicest, most humble person and so thankful to have his parents recognized. When he told us his name, it stuck with me. I really loved his I named my cat after him...hehehe

13. I hate brushing my teeth...although I do many times a day or I couldn't live with myself

14. I love reading.

15. Last year for new years, I decided not to purchase any books for a year. I didn't think it was possible but I'm proud to say I didn't buy any books for a year. Still haven't

16. I hate much so that I get gaggy

17. I love camping and don't get to go often enough

18. I hate flannel sheets

19. There is a guitar in our living room and no one who lives here knows how to play it

20. I love getting packages in the mail

21. I have relearned how to knit three times in the last three years...I feel like the universe is telling me I shouldn't knit

22. I make rad guacamole

23. I hate putting on lotion also. However, I know I need it. I think it's like chapstick, once you use it, you'll always have to use it

24. I met one of Mario's friends tonight from high school. We were both in the same area of Germany in 2005 at the same time...small world

25. I love taking a nice nap on the weekend, while laying on the couch with some lame movie going in the background

Now it's your turn! All of you....even the lurkers...I know you're there!

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