Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I blame the altitude...

Today was Big Bear day. Tadao and I were up there photographing again...it was a long day. It's so beautiful up there right now. Of course I took over 1000 photos and have no "pretty" shots to show. Well, we're going up again on Thursday so I'll have to get some nice photos up for you all.

As beautiful as it is up there, it wasn't one of our most stellar days. We got great photos, everything seems to have turned out good. We finished our entire list of vacation homes to shoot and then some. It was just going well. Then, we hit a point were either we were getting tired or maybe our dumb was showing. Mostly it was Tadao. At one house he went running up the stairs, only to trip half way up and fall on his face. After I finished laughing at him, he pointed out that one of the stairs was a few inches taller than the rest. Okay. I'll be careful and keep my eye on that stair.

About ten minutes later, I made my way up the stairs totally unscathed. I turned around just in time to watch him trip on that same stair he had just warned me about and fall on his face again. Lots more laughing. This was only the beginning. Two curtain rods fell on him while trying to open them and a bed collapsed as he tried to repair one of said curtain rods.

What does this all mean? Time for a lunch break. Of course when you are tired, decision making isn't what you want to be doing. Tadao decided that we should eat somewhere new and not fast food. So we drove through the village trying to find a nice little cafe. He finally spotted a contender. I said no right away.

Me "Poo Bear Restaurant? There is no way that I am eating at a restaurant with poo in the name!"

Him "No dumbass, that's Boo Bear Restaurant"

"well it's still a dumb name for a restaurant"

...we ended up eating there any way. That was pretty much our day. Lots of dumb shit. It didn't get any better after lunch really. At least I have a new rule for eating. No restaurants with "poo" in the name (or any variations of). Of course one of Mario's favorite hot dog stands is calle Papoos'...I'll have to break the news on my new rule.


  1. You should sue!!! Or at least get your clients to pay for you Boo Bear lunch.

  2. Yeah it must be their fault that Tadao is a clutz...hehe. These places were really against him. He finally yelled "I give up" when the bed fell. Tomorrow's gotta be better! Especially since we're not going back to Poo Bear's...not so good.


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