Monday, November 17, 2008


Tonight in the check out at the grocery store, I saw a Woman's Day(or some magazine like that) with the headline "Loose 47 pounds by Christmas" Really, because that's about 10 pounds a week. Maybe they thought they could just make some ridiculous claim and see if people would buy the magazine out of curiosity. Because we know that it's just not going to happen without surgery. Even if I stopped eating all together I don't think I would accomplish that. I also want to know how they came up with 47 pounds. Was 50 pounds too incredible and 45 just not enough to interest people?

Anyway, it caught my eye and made me snort a little when I laughed. Then to explain away the snort, I grabbed the magazine and flipped through it a little and kinda mumbling about the articles. SO in the end I just looked like one of those crazy people in line laughing and talking to herself. Yup my social grace comes natural.


  1. That was YOU????!!!! I thought I recognized Mario trying to cram himself in a shopping basket. And btw, that was me trying to balance eggs on my son's head. It was a circus of a night, eh?

    I've just stopped looking at those magazines. I literally just avert my eyes and stare at the ceiling when checking out.

  2. You are too funny and dead on. Yeah, what's with the 47 lbs number? Weird. I too am a snorter!! Snorters unite. LOL, snort snort

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one! The snorts don't happen often but when they's usually in public.

    Balancing eggs on your son's's a dead give away...I should have known that was you. Although it wasn't Bowie balancing, so it' through me off.


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