Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Tinking...

I love when you've been crazy busy, thinking so clearly, getting tons of things done. Then when you go to write a blog...your brain gives you nothing. I really love blogging. I usually keep a little list as I get blog ideas. However, lately when I actually go to write a blog, I just stare at the blank screen and hope something comes to me. Nothing.

In the last few days when I finish all my work, all I want to do is sleep. Mostly because it's one in the morning. I finally have most of my work caught up. I have a few loose ends, but should have that all together by tomorrow. I feel good about the amount of work I've been doing. And I'm excited that there have been some good ideas come to me about where I should be concentrating. So I'm feeling very positive about work.


My mom is driving down this week for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty excited. Thanksgiving is my most favoritest holiday. I'm a little bummed that my sister isn't coming down. But the girl is also working 7 days a week and needs some rest. She and her boyfriend are living with her boyfriends parents. So she just doesn't have her own space to get that relaxation that you only get at your own house. I think she's telling everyone she's coming down here, but she's really going to camp out at my mom's house, sleep, and go to my family's for Thanksgiving day. Funny, but she needs some serious rest.

At least I get my mom. We'll be having dinner at Mario's mom and sister's. My mom is so excited to have in-laws and she really loves Mario's mom and sister. So she didn't even ask what was going on, she just told me she was coming to have thanksgiving with them. She's cute. Besides Mario's sister is a wicked I can't wait! After dinner we'll be going to the DWP light show. It's this cheeserific light show put on by the department of water and power...which I think is a little funny. But it's fun. Then because mom hasn't been in 20 years, we're going to Disneyland!


So Mario was at Frys Electronics on Friday. He decided he wanted to buy "Wally". Buying videos is one of his favorite past-times. If there are videos to look through, that's where you'll find him. The clearance dvd bucket at the grochery store...he'll spend half an hour there looking for the best deal on that dvd from 10 years ago. So, he's found his Wally dvd and is looking through the the vast array of videos in front of him. Obviously he's really concentrating, because this older woman comes up to him and scares the shit out of him. Purposely. Hands up like claws, "RRRROOOOAAAAARRR!" He jumps a mile and turns to face her. And she says "don't worry, I'm not crazy. You just looked nice and I wanted to scare you" What?! Are people allowed to do that? She said that she's a teacher and can tell when someone's really an angel. Apparently made her want to scare him. Too freaking funny and off the wall! I wonder how often she does this. Is it a hobby? If I did that, I would be found crazy. However, apparently this lady gets away with scaring random people. (Courtney, I already know that you'll be trying this...don't get arrested. I don't want to have to explain this to your father if you do!)

This is as much as I can string together, now I'm off to bed! I guess I could have split it all up and gotten a few blogs out of it....nah


  1. That's crazy! I would've punched her in the boobs. What a weirdo.

    And I wouldn't want her ANYWHERE near my kids.

  2. Good idea giving a disclaimer to the crazy one! But this could be funny, she could set Brett up to do it and have her camera ready to catch the reaction. Maybe that could be her final photo project ;)

  3. Oh my god...punch her in the boobs! I'll be laughing about that all day. I love that she had to tell mario that she was sane. Doesn't that discount it?

    I can just feel it in my bones that Courtney will be trying this. Although if they did video it, I'd totally watch!

  4. Haha... Okay so now I have to do this!! Unfortunately my final project is due in less than a week so it's partially done (by that I mean I'll be frantically piecing it all together on Sunday night) but otherwise that would have been the most perfect idea EVER!! Maybe in my spare time though... Christmas break is coming up!! Maybe I'll post it to my blog... Yes I'm following suit and have started my own :)


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