Friday, November 21, 2008

A few photos...

This week has flown by and yet is poking along all at the same time...making me crazy. I have been so busy this week. Two days up in Big Bear photographing, meetings, photo shoots, seminars and lots of photos to edit. I'm still thinking about hiring someone, maybe a friend to test the waters with, but haven't had the balls to yet. meh. I'm afraid to jinx all this work I have coming in. On the other hand, I know that if I don't just jump in and go for it, my business can't grow. I know...I'm working through it and I'm getting there.

So, I said I would put up a pretty photo from this week. So I brought back a little fall from Big Bear...

I don't usually mess around with my photos too much but I loved the wagon under the apple tree...however, it was a terribly busy photo. I like it edited a bit, it's kinda cute. If you click to enlarge it, you can see all the detail.

Anyway, I'm suposted to be working now. Instead I am avoiding the pile of photos sitting in front of me, so I can post a pointless blog. Off to work!


  1. Nice pics. I really like the wagon one. It's full of movement.

  2. Your photos just reminded me of how much I love fall, but right now, it's just wet and dirty and gross. You've really captured the beauty.


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