Saturday, November 08, 2008

I appologize in advance...

I was just about to post about my goal this year of less waste, when there was a surprising noise. This is where you'll find out how immature I really am. It was a fart. Now, potty humor makes me laugh. My father only had two girls, so he had to teach someone to appreciate potty humor. I'll be honest, good potty humor is one of the quickest ways to my heart.

However, it's wasn't a gross people fart. It was a dainty, high pitched, long winded emission from my proud little cat, Bob. The first time he pretended it didn't happen. The second time he had that look that said "damn that felt good". Poor guy. He's always had a delicate system, but I still laughed my ass off and hugged him(not too hard).

"I'm too cute to do something like that!"

I guess I'm just surprised. In the three and a half years I've had Bob, I've never heard him pass gas. So I guess I just assumed that cats didn't do that. I know that doesn't make sense, because I've had dogs and I KNOW that they do. Growing up we had a big golden retriever named Windy(my parents had no idea how telling that name was. Our other retriever's name was Breezy...nice theme). Windy had gas problems. She'd take the paint off walls. However, this girl was smart, she knew how to blame. She'd be napping and let one loose. Then get up and give you the dirtiest look a dog could give, walk out of the room in disgust, leaving you to suffer alone. Nothing like being shut down by a dog.

Bob isn't even near that bad, but poor Bob, my gassy little guy. I'm always on the look out for a food that suites him. I finally found a natural food that doesn't make him throw up so much. Although it has occurred to me that his throwing up could be a ploy to get more moist food and get rid of that dry shit I keep putting out. I know this because, he lets me know that he thinks it's shit by trying to cover it up. Opinionated yes. We have to keep the dry food though, with the amount of food Dexter eats, we'd be out of a home. Anyone out there know a good natural food for a big eater and a sensitive stomach?


  1. Gosh, we've had cats before kids and I don't think I ever heard or smelled a fart from them. The new pooch on the other hand, lets out the thickest farts ever. The only good thing from this? My husband can now blame to dog.

    I must agree, I love potty humor. My boys can't get enough of it, not that I encourage it. I just like to blog about it.

    In terms of food, we use a local all natural dog supply store that carries a variety of natural and organic foods. They deliver the food to us and everything is made in the US. If I have something like that in the burbs, I'm certain you'll have a million stores where you're at.

  2. We switched to Science Diet and most of the puking has seem to die off. They (5 cats) do still puke but no where as much as they used to.

    As far as cat farts, we had a cat a few years ago that would walk into a room, let one rip and then walk out. It was only after he left the room that we would smell it and then my husband and I would blame each other for the stink. Cat farts in my house are very stinky.


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