Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Things Happen to Good People...

Or lucky assholes. So yesterday turned out to have some nice surprises. The morning started out great, sleeping in and being lazy. Then we met Mario's mother and sister for brunch. This was a great thing. Mario's mother has been going through Chemo and Radiation, and this was her first time she's really had the energy to be out and about. I was really excited to see her feeling that well. For me that felt like a milestone.

After a little running around with them, we decided to make a run to Ikea. Love that store. About half way there we see this big red old car with smoke all around. I knew immediately who it was. We live in Burbank. Right in the media district, only a few blocks from NBC studios.

Can you see who it is...probably not. It's Jay Leno in one of his steam cars. Now I'm not sure why. I can see celebrities and think it's cool, but I get very excited when I see Jay Leno. I know this because we've seen Jay before at Universal Studios. He was doing on of his "Jay on the Street" or something like that. Asking people questions to embarrass them on his show. When I saw him I just stopped and and was so excited. Mario kept asking me if I wanted to go say hi. Nah.

Then to see him in his car was fun. I was just short of telling Mario to follow him. I'm starting to sound like a stalker.

Our third surprise came later. After all our little errands, Mario dropped me off back home. I had a lot of work to tackle and he wanted to go to work for a little. I spent all day working. When Mario got home it was a little late. I still had a bunch of work and wasn't about to fix dinner. Mars didn't feel like making dinner's a pizza night. Mario orders and we waited. And waited... I was starving and getting pretty impatient. Finally while I was in the other room, I heard the pizza guy come. I heard some apologies and was curious. I walk into the living room to see the mistake. What happens when the pizza place makes the wrong pizza? The toppings were correct, however, the mistake was clear. I saw the biggest pizza box I have ever seen! They had accidentally made the wrong size pizza. The reason it took so long was because it takes a while to make a 28 inch pizza.

What do we do? We bring in reinforcements. We called Tadao...the man has hollow legs and is known for his appetite. The pizza was cut into squares. He ate a row and a half of pizza. That is is 5 inches by 42 inches of pizza in all that he ate. And he said he didn't eat that much because, he had eaten a little earlier. Still impressed and we still have over half the pizza left.

I like to call this photo "aftermath". Can you see the box is the entire length of his leg.

Today I had the breakfast of champions...cold pizza.


  1. Sweet Lord, I don't think I've ever seen a pizza that big!

  2. Wow. The name of the pizza place is right. BIG mama's pizza. That is a huge pizza.


  3. I was just informed that the 28inch pizza is the Big Mama size pizza, however, there is a bigger pizza called the Big Papa...36 inches! Full just thinking about it!

  4. That is the most awesomest pizza ever. that's a word, right?


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