Friday, October 10, 2008

The Day Before the Day Before we Have to leave

It's already Friday and it's hitting that we're leaving early Sunday. So we have one full day to fit every thing else we need to do, eat all the food in the fridge, and use the rest of the super thick sunscreen that we bought. (Mario actually thought it was all rubbed in...not this glue)

Today started out slow, I think in hopes of slowing the day down. Well it didn't.
We finally decided to leave and head south. We hadn't been that direction since earlier in the week, and thought there were a few more places to see. Sure enough, we needed to check out Wiamea Canyon. It's like a miniature grand Canyon. It was really beautiful.

We drove around for a while, stopped by Costco so Mario could buy a couple of CDs of Hawaiian music, and then headed back to Lydegate Beach to snorkel. We had gone to this beach earlier this week to get some snorkeling practice in before the boat ride. It's a nice beach that has a bunch or rocks added to create two protected pools. There were just as many fish at Lydgate as there were on the boat. So we decided that we should check it out again. Turns out we saw so many types of fish there. We ended up staying there a few more hours. We'd decide to leave and then we'd see this huge bright colored fish and follow it around for a while. Then we'd think about leaving again then we'd have 30 fish circling around us. It was really cool. Unfortunately, we didn't buy the digital underwater camera so you can't see all these awesome fish we saw. Oh well here's the beach and my feet...

I need to find out if there is poison oak here. I have two very suspicious bumps on my arm that have a lot of the same symptoms of poison oak. Figures. I'm very allergic to poison oak and all I can think is that maybe going from salt water to chlorine over and over is keeping it in check.

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