Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Monday

Yup it's Monday. I'm sitting here waiting for someone to come fix our water heater. Saturday night I was taking a shower and thought the hot water ran out quicker than usual. However, it didn't occur there might be a problem until Mario was complaining about how washing the dishes with cold water yeah. We have no idea what the problem is but it no work. So I'm sitting here still waiting around. We were told they'd be here sometime in the afternoon. It's still early afternoon so I have no right to feel complainy about waiting around's still early! And because they didn't give us a specific time frame, I have a feeling it will be later in the evening before we hear from anyone.

I'm also waiting around for a nice fat check from a client. Supposed to be cut on the 10th of the month. Every month I have to call and find out where that check's a pain. My problem is more with the fact that the person who this goes through doesn't return emails or phone calls...pisses me off. No matter how blatant I am saying that I want a response from her. Unprofessional. I just can't imagine running a business without returning calls or emails. Somehow I think it would be a problem after a while.

One good thing...this is one of the first nice days that no air conditioning was required! It's nice and even more, it's quiet in here. I love it. There's been a nice breeze the last few days. I love nothing more than having all the windows open and feeling the breeze come through. Must open more windows.

Any even more more better...Mario got paid today and promised me sushi! Woo hoo. It's been a couple of weeks. How could I have gone that long!

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