Sunday, June 22, 2008

The New Pool

We live in an older bungalow style foreplex. Small but cute apartment with a nice sized backyard. For as cute as it is, it's not insulated. The walls are thick 2-3 inch plaster on top of who-knows-what. For some reason I feel like the plaster should keep the house cool but, it holds in so much heat. The bonus is that we don't use the heater that much in the winter. But we spend most of the night just trying to cool down the heat from the day. That paired with the really loud, hard working air-conditioner that doesn't actually cool, we finally decided to buy a pool. All last summer we talked and talked about getting a pool. We never actually bought one and regretted it the entire time. For $60 we are now the proud owners of a fancy 8 ft blue pool with a little filter (the filter is what sealed the deal for Mars). After the forth day of 100+ temperatures we finally decided to set it up tonight. So our nice fire pit that we used all winter and spring is now off to the side, replaced by our new little pool. Take a look at it in all it's glory!

Tomorrow is accessory we cheese out and buy the floating cup holder? We already have our eye on a cheap little pool light that sits in the bottom changing colors. It has a disco ball feel. I think it will go nice with our twinkle sister says it feels like it belongs in a cheap porn.

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