Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Life has been pretty quiet lately. My work has been quiet the last two or three weeks. I think that's due to spring break. This week is definitely picking up...thankfully! Shoots are on the books, so I can relax a bit.

Mario has been working hard...a few late nights. Which is fine when it's sushi night! There was a week or two in there that we didn't see him much.

This kidlet is just doing her thing...being cute. She's also learning a lot of new things lately. She's been signing some words that she can't quite say yet, like please and "all done". It's pretty cute to see her getting excited to use communication that we all know. A lot less frustration for all of us. She's just been taking off with her learning!

Of course true to toddler form, she's also pushing limits and being a sass pants...but she's good at it! I see her lean back on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table and I see a teenager! the thought scares me, but I'm glad she's so relaxed with us and feeling comfortable.

Her next court date is in a few weeks and we should get a better idea of how long she'll be with us. No one wants to see her go and her social worker and adoption worker would love to see us adopt. However, we've been in this fostering long enough to know nothing is set in stone. It's completely up to the judge. They will always place with family first. So, while we'd love to adopt her one day...we'll get excited when we are signing the papers! You know...expect the worst, hope for the best.

That's mostly it for us. Mario and I have taken on a new little project, that's under wraps for now. We're having fun though. No not baby making...we are happy with our fostering journey. This is fun stuff. One day we'll tell people...for now, under wraps. I know...vague and annoying.

Other than that...it's work and some relaxing. I'm ok with that. That means we are getting to spend our time enjoying the kid!

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