Thursday, August 16, 2012

Conversation with the Mister

Mario from the bathroom "...blah blah....which brush..blah blah"

Me trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about, and then just taking a guess, I yell "which ever brush I grab first..." deciding he was asking about our hair brushes. Why, after 6 years of sharing hair brushes, he was asking which brush I use...I have no idea.

I hear him brush his teeth. Then he came into the bedroom.

Mario "Huh? No, which tooth brush do you use?"

Is he serious? 

Me "Are you serious? Which tooth brush did you use?"

Mario "I used the green one"

Me "Yours is the blue tooth brush. Since we moved here in December, your tooth brush has been on the right. The green one was on the left."

Mario "well, I thought the green one was mine"

Me "The tooth brush before this was blue also."

Mario "Hmm..."

Me "Mario, you sleep on the right side of the bed. Your towel is always on the right side of the door. Your tooth brush is on the right. You are a right side man. You put all your stuff on the right. Why would your tooth brush suddenly be on the left."

Mario "Interesting. I didn't notice that. I just thought my tooth brush was green."

Me "You confuse come you are only asking today? I changed the tooth brushes over a week ago! You've been using my tooth brush for a week!"

Mario "I kept forgetting to ask. Well, I guess the blue tooth brush is mine!"

Me "You're crazy."

I only changed the tooth brushes, because mine was still in the car from when I went camping the weekend before. So, I grabbed a new brush for me and I figured, if I was getting a new tooth brush, I should change Mario's also. I actually planned how I would change the tooth brush out, because I knew that even though this should be a simple could possibly confuse the man! However, I figured since his tooth brush was blue already, if I gave him another blue tooth brush, he'd just go with I'll be honest, I wanted the pretty green tooth brush. Well, I guess he wanted the pretty green tooth brush also. He just couldn't keep his hands off it!

The man totally baffles me! 

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