Tuesday, October 18, 2011


After pretty much four weeks straight without any days off, Mario finally got the weekend completely off! Of course I had to work both mornings, but I was just happy to have him around. I was also happy that he got to sleep as much as he wanted, didn't have to get dressed until he was good and ready, and we didn't have to plan our weekend around how much work he had to finished for a deadline. It felt like pure freedom!

So tonight when Mario told me he was coming home at a decent hour, I was expecting to see him around 8pm or so. But no, the man came home at 6pm! It was so good to see him on a week day during daylight hours! We immediately decided to take advantage of this very foreign situation.

We decided that we are moving in the next month or so...as soon as we find a place that is really worth it. Because of Mario's hours, I've been taking care of this mostly myself. Luckily, with Mario off, we were able to check out a few places together this weekend. Come Monday though, I had a new list of places I had wanted with to look at. We decided to go take a look at the neighborhoods they were in and make sure that we'd even want to live in the area. A quick drive by eliminated two of the four houses we were thinking about. After taking note of the two homes we definitely want to talk to the landlords about, we headed out to run a few more errands and then get some dinner.

Dinner was nice and mellow. We filled up on salad, shrimp, and Ahi Poke. We hung out and talked about the houses we've seen and what our next plan of attack is with the photo booth. It was really nice. It was more time spent together in one span, than we've gotten to spend together with just the two of us for a long time. It was like a mini date.

To top that date off, we headed to Target for some essentials...what more could a girl want!? Besides a bee hive in the parking lot and a slightly argumentative customer in the electronics department (just show them your ID and get over it dude), we had the place mostly to ourselves. We cruised the electronics, games, camping...I was nice and decided not to look at the clothes. We cruised along a little more, got the essentials we were in need of and then started to head to check out.

When we got to the front, I handed the cash to Mario to pay, and I ran off to use the restroom before I burst. When I came out of the restroom, Mario was at the farthest front doors with a funny smile on his face. As I walked up, I asked him what he was grinning about.

He told me that when I gave him the money, he put it in his front shirt pocket. While he was in line, he pulled out the money to count it. As he reached in, he felt something squishy with the money. He squished it a little bit, assuming it was an ear plug from my purse. There are a million ear plugs in my purse...cause you never know when you'll need one or twenty! They just seem to multiply in there I swear! As he reached into his pocket again, he realized that it didn't look right. So, he  squished it a little more and then finally pulled it out of his pocket...and realized it wasn't an earplug at all. It was a huge piece of Ahi Tuna! We are talking a good size one inch square piece of raw tuna from dinner an hour before. He had been squishing this tuna around in his pocket thinking it was an earplug!

My first question was, "Is it still in your pocket?"
Mario "No."
Me "Did you eat it?"
Mario "No!"
Me "Wow, good thing that didn't go through the wash! That could have been bad. However it's a good thing we have a fish alarm system at home called Bob. He would have been all over you!"
Mario "I want to know how such a big piece of fish could fall off my chip, roll down my shirt, and into my pocket without me knowing it was even there! It's not a little piece. It was substantial!"

I had the giggles after that imagining Mario walking around this fish in his pocket, then going home and wondering why the cats won't leave him alone. He's lucky too, because I had just finished the wash. So that shirt would have sat in the closet for a good four or five days before it got washed. It would have stunk to high hell and I probably would've had a difficult time keeping the cats out of the closet. That could have been shit! I also would kinda like to think that I would have noticed if a big piece of raw tuna had fallen down my shirt, but I find all sorts of shit in my bra, so who knows. It just makes me laugh to think of Mario walking around with Poke in his pocket.

Of course, he never really answered me when I asked where the tuna had gone. So, as I am writing this post, I asked Mario what he did with the tuna.

Me out of no where, "What happened to the tuna?"
Mario "Huh?"
Me "Did you eat the pocket tuna?"
Mario "No! That's disgusting!"
Me "Why? It was very fresh."
Mario "No, I walked all over with the tuna in my hand, looking for a garbage can to throw it in. That's how I ended up by the farthest door from the car."
Me "hmm...you should have just eaten it."
Mario "Bah!"

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