Friday, January 28, 2011

Joining a Book Club

I have been so excited about the book club I joined! The first meeting is this Sunday and I can't wait to meet all these new people! I have been reading the book and really liking it. I almost don't want it to end. I also can't wait to find out what the next book will be. Can you see I'm excited!

Well, until the last week or so. The problem that the club is running into is the amount of people that have signed up for it. I think I was the third person to sign up. A week later, there was hundred people signed up! That's cool. I love that there are so many people interested. However, where and how are we all going to meet? That seems to be the main problem.

I think the club coordinator only expected a few people to sign up. Surely she didn't expect 100 people signing up so fast, but everyone's excited and jumped on it! She initially set up the first meeting for 10 to meet at her house. With so many people on the list still, I offered to maybe set us up at the restaurant, so more people can meet. Maybe we can have 20-30 people meet up instead of just ten. She must have thought it over, because a week later, she found a restaurant to have it at instead. Yay, more people!

The only problem is that a lot of people still really want to meet up. There are tons of messages from the people who didn't make it into the initial meeting wanting to meet up. That's the whole reason we all joined the club. It's getting to meet up and discuss the books we love. It's the whole point right? Well, these people are putting up little messages about meeting up another time. So, I again suggested that I have a spot that has room for quite a bit of people. If they are interested I can set it up. A lot of people really liked the idea.

Except for one person...the club coordinator. She apparently thought that I was trying to take people away from her club. Um, nope. I am willing to set up a place for people to meet, but I won't be there. I am going to the main book meeting with her. So, I sent her another message just letting her know that wasn't my intention at all. I just wanted to make sure the people who still wanted to meet, could. It's the whole point.

I got a private message back from her explaining that she works really hard to coordinate all of this and the money to post the club on the site came out of her pocket (it's $6 a month). So she didn't want the club to split in two because it was her club and she wanted it to be one group. Not everyone could meet but that's how it would have to be. Then she said it was ok for people to meet up but that she didn't want them to be their own group cause it was her group. It felt a little weird. And maybe a little bit "They are all mine! Stay away!" I'm a little confused by the whole thing and a little bummed. If it's about the money, just charge everyone 50 cents and you're whole subscription is covered.

I know that I joined this group to be able to meet people. I lucked out when I signed up. I was able to rsvp for the meeting before most of the other people. But next month when the meeting is set up, I might not sign in on time and there might not be space in the meeting. I would be bummed if a little side group couldn't meet and chat. So, I don't understand why she's having a problem with other little groups meeting up. It is the whole point!

I'm also uncomfortable because she's now deleted all my messages off the message board. I'm not sure where this all went wrong but I'm bummed! I swear I just mentioned that I knew a spot if people wanted a place to meet. They certainly can meet any where they want and most likely will. Maybe I should have just kept quiet. I don't know. I haven't responded to her last message, because I wanted to wait and see if I felt different today. I'll probably just leave it be and let the other people deal with it. I'm sure I'm not the only one she's talking to about this...I hope not at least.

Mario thinks I should just start up my own book club. I don't know. Anyone want to join my little book club?


  1. Well, I just found out that I cannot send her a message if I wanted to. She has blocked me from messaging her back. Wow. This is really a mystery.

  2. She's crazy. Youre better off without her.


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