Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not to Keep Picking on Mario, but...

I just can't help it. He keeps setting himself up. Really. We were at dinner yesterday. We had finished supper and were just sitting, talking, and enjoying ourselves. The waiter had taken our dishes and came back with a refill of iced tea for Mario. We continued on in our conversation. However, then Mario looked down. He had a puzzled look on his face.

Mario - "Did you take my straw?"
Me - "What are you talking about?"
Mario - "Did you steal my straw?"
Me with confused look on my face- "Why would I take your straw?"
Mario - "Did you take my straw"
Me looking at said straw in his iced tea - "What are you talking about?"
Mario - "I had a straw, now it's gone."
Me thinking he's nuts - "Are you blind?"
Mario staring at his iced tea straight at his straw - "My straw is gone."
Me pointing at the mysteriously invisible to Mario straw - "Is this straw right here in your drink, the missing straw?"
Mario - "Oh yeah, there it is"
Me - "You need a vacation"

Of course I had the giggles after that. I love how it was just assumed that I stole the straw. The waiter taking the straw wasn't even an option for him. I was absolutely the culprit, as if I have a history of stealing people's straws.

What made me really laugh, was that it reminded me of this clip from Wipeout. I have always loved this clip. She not only is the first person across the big balls, but she's a little nutty...


  1. ha ha, Mario needs a vacation or to cut back on the meth a little

  2. No kidding, right! I feel the tiniest bit guilty about blogging so much about him, but he keeps doing this stuff!


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