Friday, September 03, 2010

Ask and You Shall Receive

I still haven't decided what necklace I'm wearing to the wedding. It's a very important decision you know. Mario thinks I should just wear the long necklace that falls into my cleavage...probably for the boobies. But I'm still unsure. I probably won't really know until the last minute. It's fun really, I kind of like the surprise of it all. Who knows what I'll wear!

I figured I'd rummage through my sister's and mom's necklaces and see if there was anything that struck my fancy. We all have very different taste, so I'm not counting on it, but its worth a shot. They always wear my earrings when they visit, so its totally fair! Mom's necklaces are apparently packed away some where. And we won't see lindsay until tomorrow when we pick her up. I'll raid her supplies then.

Until then I'll just get ready for bed and...hey what's that! I happened to look over and notice two bins full of grandmas cheesy fake jewelry...awesomeness! I looked through the bins not too long ago and had kept a couple of small pieces. However, tonight I looked through all of them again with something else in mind. Last time I looked through, I was not looking at necklaces. Which happened to be grandmas main focus...necklaces and clip-on earrings. So tonight the bins held all kinds of cheesy goodness!

There are officially four or five more necklaces in the running. Ranging from chees-irific to cute and modest(I don't think grandma wore any of these modest ones). I'm excited though. There are some fun things for every day wear. I told Mario that grandma was saving him a lot of money!

Honestly, even if I never wore any of these, it's so fun looking through all this old jewelry!


  1. I say you forgo the necklaces and wear some of grandma's BEAUTIFUL clip-on earrings =)

  2. I vote that you wear one of grandma's necklaces and the clipon earrings........She did have some nice necklaces...I had forgotten about them.


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