Monday, September 28, 2009

I just found my first gray hair...I don't know how to feel. I was a
little excited to finally be a part of the family.

My mom has been pretty gray since her late 20s. She's a proud full
gray hair now.

My sister got her first gray in her early 20s. She had been working a
pretty serious job for an engineering firm and hated it there. We were
sitting in the car. I was sitting behind her in the back seat. I was
staring at the side of her head when suddenly saw it...a gray hair. I
zero'd in on it and pulled that beauty right out. She screamed. I
laughed and then held it out for her. I've always been a mean older
sister. I showed her the gray hair. she said there is no way that was
from her head. I asked her if she felt me pull it out of her head. She
then popped the mirror open and started searching. Not to scare any
one but she got a little patch of gray there after that. But she ended
up with that really cool little gray spot on the side if her head. It
looks good on her and it's unique to her. It stays hidden mostly when
her hair is down, but when she pulls back in a pony tail she gets a
cool gray stripe.

I always wondered when my gray hair would kick in. I have my mom'ss
coloring, so I assumed that I would get gray early like them. However
because I hadn't gotten any grays yet, I was hoping I would take after
my dads side of the family. They didn't really gray until their 50s or
60s. Now I wonder. One gray at 33...I mean 27, this could go either
way really.

So in honor of aging, me and my gray hair are going to Disneyland. The
happiest place for gray hairs on earth. We are going to ride rides and
pretend we're young still...we'll send photos

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