Thursday, September 24, 2009

How tacky is it to cross out the your maiden name on your business card and write in your married name? Yeah I thought so. Here's the problem, when I first started my business 5 years ago, I ordered 2 million business cards. I have gone through quite a few, but I still seem to have half a million cards left. Seriously.

So far I have been handing them out with my maiden name on them. The only problem is that this seems to be confusing my clients. It never fails that they look at the name and then give me this sideways glance like "who the hell is Laura Nelson?" Majority of the time, I have email and phone contact with my clients long before we meet in person. So they have been seeing and hearing my married name. Then I cheap out and flip them a business card with a different name on it. I know not smart.

I hate to waste the cards. On the other hand, I'm so excited to design a new one. I've been over my logo pretty much since I had everything printed 5 years ago. I've been designing out a new logo...I will be putting a few versions on here for you guys to help me choose the best one. In the mean time, what the crap do I do with half a million business cards with the wrong name on it?

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