Thursday, September 03, 2009

Breakfast in Bed

Yep, I was brought breakfast in bed this morning. It was a little earlier than I wanted to wake up, but it was such a nice thought. I'm not sure if it was a late anniversary present or just out of love...either way it was disgusting!

Another dead bird in bed. This time a hummingbird. A very fat humming bird. Bob knew they tend to run smaller so he at least brought us a fat one. How thoughtful. After the first bird, I must have learned my lesson about Bob and his loud meowing so early. I was immediately awake and up. I thanked him and walked to the kitchen to get a paper towel and a bag to put it in. He was nice and brought it to me and gave it up nicely.

Mario of course slept through the entire thing. When he woke up, I mentioned our little gift. He said, "oh no wonder Bob was acting so proud of himself this morning".

I really hope this isn't becoming a habit. How after 5 years, has be figured out how to catch birds...and how a humming bird? Those guys are fast!

He's exhausted after all that hunting!

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  1. you guys are gonna need to put a bell on that collar of his.
    Maybe he'll stop when it gets too cold.


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