Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Screening Process

Most of you know about Bob and Dexter. They're the ones who run our little apartment. They pester us when they want food. They lay on us. Destroy things. Knock on the door when they want in or out.

Well, a while ago we got tired of letting them in and out. I came up with a solution though. I went all white trash and decided to cut a flap in the screen door. They can let their own butts in. Now I didn't just destroy a perfectly good screen door. It was already shit. About a week after we moved in, the fancy metal work on the front fell off. Then the cats decided that if they climb the screen, we'll let them in sooner. So, I cut a flap.

That screen door flap has made Mario CRAZY! He hates it. However, He knew what the alternate was...getting off his butt int he middle of LOST to let the cats in and out. So he's lived with it for the last two years. And even though there was a flap for them to jump though, Bob still would try to climb up, then get stuck, and basically shredded the bottom half of the screen. Which of course Mario could barely handle. It was pretty trashy looking. So finally I told Mario that we should go get new screening for the door. Can I say he was excited? He was practically dancing around Home Depot.

We brought our new screening home and I replaced the screen. It looks good. However, this time Mario decided he wanted to put a new cat door in. He cut the hole, taped up all the edging, and proudly told me to take a look. He had made a fancy new cat a different location. I knew this was going to be a big ordeal for the cats, mario and the new door.

The first one to try out the new door was Bob. We knew this by the huge thump we heard as he ran head first about 10 inches to the right of the new hole(where the old hole was). I'm not sure if it was the look of confusion or a concussion on his little kitty face. I laughed of course. I tried showing both of the cats how this new door worked many many times. And of course, this thunking has continued on for three days. I laugh every time. Mario doesn't understand why the cats don't get it. I tried explaining that he's changed their world around.

The good thing is, they are slowely getting it. I'm kinda glad they are slow learners, cause it still cracks me up every time!


  1. YOU HAVE TO FILM THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haha.... this was probably the best thing I have ever seen/heard! .. Although it did get beat the other day.. When I got home, for some reason Boston thought he could jump through the front window... which is about 2 1/2 feet off the ground :O)


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