Sunday, February 15, 2009

Got the Sickies

Maybe it's coincidence but two or three days after quitting the nose
spray, I have a wicked cold.

After a night of chocolate covered strawberries, a litlle chamagne,
and renting a movie, Death Race... I know, romantical! I started a
little coughing. Then woke up with the sore throat and more coughing.
Now I've got the fever and the chills and the ackies!

My whole head is draining. That miracle spray was holding back a flood
gate! The good thing is my nose has been clear, it's just everything
else that's all jacked up. But still I have not used the spray!

Dr F said it would be horrible but I had no idea I would actually get
sick by stopping the spray. Yuck. Maybe I should start a foundation
for stopping the nose spray...who would have known there was

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