Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess That Scent

My favorite smells...the smell of the ocean, fresh cut grass, a fire burning in the fireplace when it's cold outside, honeysuckle, campfire (totally different than fireplace), and the smell of BBQ. BBQ was a favorite smell even for the 15 years that I didn't even eat meat (I know it's so wrong). However, none of these smells were what met us at home after our weekend away.

I love going away for the weekend and getting to come home and play..."Where's that smell coming from!" Woo hoo! I'm sure you all know how fun that is. What made it really exciting, was the fact that it wasn't very strong smell and this time we had multiple choices of origin. This time it was going to be an exciting game!

The first option were the cats. We don't keep a litter box in the house. There is a tiny window in the bathroom that we leave open. The cats come and go as they please and we don't have litter box smell. This window slides up and down and during certain times of year, depending on the swelling of the window frame, that window becomes a guillotine. Slamming down at will. It will be in the up position for weeks and then you walk in one day and it slams down. We were only gone for two nights. However, sometime during the weekend, that window decided to close on it's own. Locking one cat in and one cat out. I wasn't worried about Dexter being outside. I know that neighbor that hates him, actually feeds him (it's his own fault that Dex keeps coming back and pestering them). However, poor Bob. He was locked inside for who-knows-how-long. There wasn't much of a mess. However, as sweet as he is, he can be a little jerk. He'll pee on your luggage when you come home from a trip to let you know he's not happy. But after checking the house, I couldn't find any pee, but I did find some poop on Dexter's cat bed...which is a little funny. Bob is opinionated, He doesn't so anything without a reason. I'm sure there's something behind it. At least it wasn't our bed though.

Ultimately, I didn't feel it was the cats stinking the place up. The other option was the fridge. I think I smelled everything in that fridge. Nothing was sanding out. I mean there isn't too much in there. I spent Monday and Tuesday randomly throwing out things in the fridge that might possibly be the culprit. Last night we went out to dinner with friends. When we came home the smell really hit me. I was standing half in the fridge throwing shit out. I was giving up and just going to get rid of it all. Mario stepped in to try and give it a shot. Here's when the game really began. Every one in the living room started sniffing the air and yelling out options. "It smells like a hint of milk"...we don't have milk in there. "Well, maybe a milk product...yogurt, yeah it's yogurt" yogurt in there. "Maybe it's a mix of veggies and lunch meat"...nah checked all of those options. "Maybe, it's juice and that fish" they still smell fine. We finally just threw a few more things out and decided the rest of the things in the fridge had enough preservatives in them to keep them into the next year.

I took everything straight out to the smells better now. It was probably just a little something left in the trash bin from before the weekend...too bad we ended up throwing half the shit in the fridge out first.


  1. I always blame the dog. Then, I clean the fridge out and find moldy cheese (not the good kind) and rotting produce.

  2. The last time we played "what's that smell" it was the kitchen drain I think one of us threw a little milk down the drain before we left and didn't run the water.

    We usually get to play "where did the cat yark" which is not that fun either, the cat's sneaky.

  3. I had a fun one once... I could smell that the dog had pooped but I couldn't find it, and then finally I narrowed it down to my closet...yeah leave it to the little guy to poop in a dark place with lots of hiding places/shoes to go in... but I looked for awhile and couldn't find it. Brett looked and couldn't find it. So finally I just started grabbing shoes and throwing them out into my room... Well I found the poop---when I stuck my hand in it, EWW! Let's just say I wasn't a happy camper!


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