Sunday, November 02, 2008

The other Husband

Last week, like most weeks found me up in Big Bear for my photo shoots. Mario comes with me when he can. When he can't, I generally persuade one of my poor looser friends to assist me. This last week found Tadao working with me...sucker. (This is also the friend that officiated Mario's and my wedding...apparently you can offer money to this guy and he'll do anything. He has also worked in photography and I take advantage of this)

The day started off normal. Big beautiful vacation homes overlooking a beautiful lake. It's actually fall up there. So it was beautiful with some rain thrown in. We were getting through our list of homes pretty well. At one of the homes, the home owner decided to be at the photo shoot of his house. He had done a great job staging the house and wanted to make sure everything was perfect. The table was set and the fire was going. Being in entertainment, Tadao turned right on and kept this guy busy while I photographed the house. Within ten minutes they were fast friends. They had both lived in Chicago, both had been radio DJs, both moved to LA to work in entertainment. While I photographed the kitchen, Tadao took off with a camera to photograph the exteriors. The home owner was very nice and asked if I wanted anything to thanks. Would my husband like anything to drink? He does have the wine out, maybe he'd like a drink? No thanks I said, if he has any wine, nothing will get finished. It was then that I could have corrected him and said that he wasn't my husband, but I figured we'd be leaving soon enough. What's the harm.

Now, in our group of friends there are only two of us girls, Colleen and I both married into this group. Tadao is pretty much the second husband to us. when our husbands can't be there, Tadao is generally called in to help out or drive us somewhere. When I drove up to Santa Barbara to do a hair test before the wedding, Tadao came with and took photos and played the girlfriend. He already has the script down and answers "yes dear" to our requests.

So when I decided not to correct the home owner, I figured no big deal. When Tadao finished photographing the exteriors and came back inside, I quickly told him that the home owner thought we were married. He laughed and said "yes dear". As I started to walk over and start photographing the living room, I heard,

"Honey buns, would you like me to carry the tripod for you?"
"No thanks"
"Are you sure love bug?"
"Alright turtle dove, I'll be out back shooting the back deck"

pain in the ass! Ten minutes pass and he comes back in and starts laying it on thick again...smiling the entire time.

"Sugar love, have you finished photographing all the back rooms?"
"are you sure you got that back office, Honey?"
"yup got it sugar pants"
"All right Sweets"

It just went on and on. I was already a little nauseous and this wasn't helping. I'm sure the home owner thought we were nuts. We spent the rest of the day laughing about it.

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  1. Too cute! It sounds like you have a great job and get to have fun to boot. I'm super envious.


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