Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I must be getting old. I find myself shooting dirty looks to those youngins with the windows down and the music blaring in their car. Really. I'm turning into an old lady.

Until I pulled up next to a car yesterday blasting Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me"...awesome. I love that song. I tried to keep up with him, just to listen to the rest of the song, but he was one of those reckless drivers causing a ruckus and I was becoming one of them trying to keep up.


I drove home from dinner with the husband and the second husband with them singing every single word to "YMCA" full blast and in harmony...was a little embarrassed for them


Can't stop singing "Solid as Ba-Rock(Barack)" cracks me up and is definitely a catchy tune.


  1. I hear ya. I guess I am old too. If its all bass and really no music, I can't stand it and shoot them a dirty look. But....if its a good song and am in the right mood, I am ok with.

    I am at time, one of those drivers. On certain songs, I crank it up and let it flow from the windows.

    Sitting here with fingers crossed. Will start singing "solid as BaRock" in hopes that this will help.

  2. Once, I was in one of those skanky teen clothing stores buying flip flops. The music was so loud in the store, I was asking people, "Are teenagers deaf? Why is the music so damn loud?"

    And yes, the cars with the bass vibrating my eyeballs kills me too.

    It also doesn't help that after getting my new hair cut, I've finally discovered the patch of gray hairs my stylist kept talking about, in addition to my bum knee and heel. Perhaps I should install some serious bass on my new walker and blow the youngsters eardrums out.

    But I certainly like it when it's a good song. I must agree with you.

  3. There was also a certain point when all my music stations turned into talk radio stations...it used to drive me crazy when my dad would listen to talk radio. Now it's me.


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