Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make Over

I got a little make-over today. I love haircuts. However, for some reason I don't go every often. Anyway, it's been forever since I got my haircut. I really wanted to get one before the wedding but was told to hold off, because I didn't know if I would be wearing my hair up or down. Well after the wedding we were broke, so no haircut. I have been wanting so bad to get it cut and despite all the work I have on my desk, I finally did it. There is a little place up the street that I found after I went to a more known salon and got an awful cut. It was way shorter than I had asked for and it was just a bad cut in general. I figured I would have to wait until it grew out a little. Then I saw this little place and walked right in and said HELP! They gave me the cutest cut. I loved it. Even better, it grew out nicely. I have gone back and gotten a stellar cut every time. Today was no different.

To make the transformation even better...As soon as my cut was finished, I got a call from my favorite doctor. My new glasses were in. WOO HOO! I drove right over. Metal in front and colors on the side...I really like them!

Here are the results...

I did get bangs cut today. I had to pin them back because I have a crazy cowlick and it was out of control today.


  1. Cute hairut! And I love reading the antics of your blog...I don't always comment but I always laugh :) Loved the cat story too!

  2. Luv it! That was the length I wanted for my recent haircut, but my stylist was all, "Baby steps, sweetheart. Baby steps."

    Very sexy indeed.


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