Saturday, October 25, 2008

Haunted Halloween

Last year Mario and I went to Universal's Halloween Haunt...scared the shit out of me and I wanted to go back. I have been waiting all year. We were pretty excited when we bought our tickets. We were so excited that we got ready to go the other night and were sitting in the car, only to realize that it wasn't open that night...duh.

So we were very ready to finally go last night. The minute we walked in I was nervous. There are very few safe zones in the park. The rest are open to monsters and people with chainsaws. They even change the universal lot tour into a scare ride. Half way through they let you off the tram to walk through the Psycho hotel and house The most interesting scary thing are the guys who will run at you full speed, drop to their hands and knees and skid across the ground at you with sparks flying everywhere...scary. Most of the time you are looking somewhere else, when this guy comes flying up to you in a mass of sparks. The monsters never touch you, but worse, they get inches from your face and stare at you. Very unnerving but yet we keep going back.

I never really realized that I am a screamy girl, until I go to something like this. Now Mario is pretty prepared for this and through my screaming I hear him laughing at me, but last night I was irritating him. It wasn't the screaming that was bothering him. It was when we were going through the haunted mazes. He would go through first and I was pretty much glued to his back. I was behind him with my arms wrapped around him and holding onto his shirt. Well when someone or something would jump out at me or scare the shit out of me, there would be a loud scream and then I would pull tighter on his shirt...pulling his shirt up over his tummy. I had no idea I was doing this. He was mad he was missing out on all the good stuff, trying to keep himself covered. What made it even better was the couple who walked in behind us. The guy was telling his lady to quit pulling pants down when she screamed. Funnnyyy

Men, I figure if you are going to bring us ladies to these haunted house things and pretend to protect us, you can put up with us pulling at your clothes...take it as a compliment.

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