Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting Hitched

News on the home front...Mars and I decided to get married next month. Crazy...yes, We had planned on next spring. Then last week Mars thought why not now. We won't be any richer next year and the bonus...I get some rockin health insurance. Couldn't turn that down. It was all very romantic. Honestly the wedding I'm planning now is no different financially than I would have planned next spring. So moving it up felt right and a little spontaneous. We're pretty excited. So now this blog will probably be all wedding talk. I had no idea how consuming it would really become. I actually think that it's better to plan it all in a short amount of time. Compress all that stress down to two months rather than dragging it out.

So far everything has fallen right into place. The wedding will be at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. It's a beautiful historical site. We'll have the ceremony in the mural room. I've had it in mind for a while and was lucky to get it. Take a look at the photos. It's a pretty cheap place to get married at and tons of locations for awesome photos!

The reception will be taking place at this great restaurant called "Stella Mares". I started searching around and was reminded of this restaurant that had great rooms for parties. I sent them an email and they called me right back. The price was right and the food is excellent! I'm so excited to have gotten Stella Mares. They really are my first choice for the reception. Take a look at the site. We will be in the greenhouse room. It's going to be relaxed and beautiful! I can't wait.

Both of the locations fell into place in one day. I think I was more worried about how we were going to feed everyone than anything else. Now that those are booked we are so excited and a lot more relaxed. Now my sister Lindz is flying in tonight and we'll spend the weekend looking for a dress and taking care of little details. I'm so excited to have her help me. I've gotten tons of help and support from my friends and especially Mars' sister, but it's exciting have my little sister here! I'll keep you updated. Oh by the way, here's our engagement photo...

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