Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm scared of the bathroom

I love to watch The Ghost Hunters and other dumb ghost shows. I can't watch them alone of course. I used to make my roommates watch them with me and now my boyfriend has to. I have always like to watch these shows and get a little scared. However, now we've found "A Haunting". My boyfriend loves this scares the shit out of me. It's a little cheesy, they use the same hallway in every show...every show, but they put enough money in it to have decent effects and damn convincing scary ghosts. Every time we watch this show, I end up turning all the lights on in the house and make my boyfriend turn them off because I'm too scared. Especially the bathroom light. Partially because of that damn show, partially because I'm now convinced it's haunted. Yeah I'll walk around with all the lights on but the bathroom is the only room where I get really freaked out. The cats don't help. They'll sit and stare into the bathroom and no matter what I do they won't look away. It's not horrible just creepy sometimes. I can deal with the creepy bathroom, but that show is on at least twice a day and thanks to our DVR we get too see every freaking episode.

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